Andro Wekua

Untitled, 2010–2011

© Collection FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, © D.R

Mannequin de cire et structure aluminium et bois

118 × 83 × 57 cm  (statue)



Since 2000, the Frac has benefited from the active and invaluable support of the Association des Amis du Frac Nord-Pas de Calais to help it bring its projects into the community. Veritable ambassadors of the organisation, members of the association are strongly committed to supporting the ambitious project of a new site for the Frac, one of the highlights of ‘Dunkerque Capitale régionale de la Culture en 2013’.

This association has established a number of goals which have in common a desire to share: to promote and facilitate access to contemporary art, to support the work of young artists, to produce artists’ multiple editions and to contribute to the development of exhibitions and to the growth of the Frac’s collections.

At the same time, it offers numerous activities to its members, such as tours of exhibitions, trips, studio visits and, recently, participation in the AAAFRAC (Association d’Associations d’Amis des Frac de Metz, Reims et Lille), alongside Renato Casciani, collector and chair of the Amis du Frac.

Organisation personnel

Renato Casciani, chair 

Bernard Descamps, deputy chair 

Philippe Wilhelem, treasurer 

Francine Ducastel, secretary

Artists’ multiples 

To date, the association has published seven artists’ multiples: Frédéric Lefever (2001), Philippe Bazin (2002), Bertrand Gadenne (2003), Matali Crasset (2005), Mehdi A. (2007), Samuel Buckman (2008) and Lionel Scoccimari (2009) 


Sale price

290 € — For members of the Association des Amis du Frac

350 € — For non-members


Membership is open to everyone: professionals, collectors, informed amateurs, art lovers or anyone simply curious and open to the exchange of ideas.

Would you like to be a part of joint cultural activities, to share, discover, exchange ideas, meet new people and get involved in the Frac’s activities in a welcoming and lively setting? Don’t wait, become a friend of the Frac!

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