Andro Wekua

Untitled, 2010–2011

© Collection FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, © D.R

Mannequin de cire et structure aluminium et bois

118 × 83 × 57 cm  (statue)



Ecole Neptune, 2010

Educational resources

Conceived in collaboration with the educational community, the educational programme offered by FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais enables participants to discover its exhibitions at the same time as it builds bridges with school and educational programmes. The expectations formulated by the teaching of art history in schools, secondary schools, grammar schools and higher education institutions are thus reflected in the visits, workshops and resources linked with the exhibitions. In partnership with the local education authority and with the regional centre for pedagogical documentation, the FRAC offers educational opportunities and pedagogical resources around its collection and exhibitions.

How to spend an educational day at the FRAC

Located in the Grand Large district of Dunkirk, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais is a unique venue in Europe. With its three exhibition spaces, its cinema and visual arts studio and research laboratory (both made available by request), it is the ideal place to develop an artistic and academic project.

In addition to its on-site resources it has formed, with its neighbouring museum, the LAAC (Lieu d’Art et Action Contemporaine), the Pôle Art Contemporain. When moving from one venue to the other, we invite you to partake of an audio stroll conceived by the artist Rainier Lericolais: The Sound of the Dunes.


Download the work by Rainier Lericolais

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Open outreach visits

To help you better prepare your visit, the FRAC team has come up with outreach activities for each FRAC/AP2 exhibition.


Activity for the inaugural exhibition, The Future Begins Here (free download):

Activity 1 – The FRAC construction site

Complementary information

Don’t hesitate to contact the teachers appointed to the FRAC by the DAAC about your educational project.

Fanny Rougerie and Carole Darcy


For requests concerning higher education, please contact the FRAC directly.